You will recieve every month:

All the items:

Premium Premium
Elite Elite
Secured Secured x120 predicctions
Stats Stats

Random Steam game and 100.000 Tickets:

Steam juego aleatorio Steam
Steam juego aleatorio Tickets

Exclusive items:

  • AutoeDraw allows you to join automatically to all eDraws.
  • 1eClick allows you to predict all your matches in ePlay at once.
  • eXPBoost multiplies per two all your website actions rewarded by eXP.

You can change your prizes for others your like for the same value.

Preferential attention and queue priority in any online or physical shipments.

If you buy this pack separately, the cost will be more than 26€ per month, if you subscribe you can get it for 4,45€/month if you adquire 6-month-pack.