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eStreams logo If you are new in eStreams and you don't know where to start, you are in the right place. Here you will find all the information you want to know about the website, and how everything works. Welcome!

What is eStreams?

Is your entertainment portal where you can win prizes enjoying your hobby, you can win ingame items or physical items too. In eStreams you can compete against other users for winning prizes.

All the prizes are releated to the gaming world and eSports. If you love videogames and you are a fan of eSports, this is your place. Become a real game with us.

What prizes can I win?

All the prizes are releated to gaming. You can win "virtual currency" for your favourite games, for example League of Legends and the skins that you always liked. You can also win funds for your Steam Wallet for buying that game from your wishlist that you always liked, and don't forget your World of Warcraft suscription with Blizzard prepaid cards.

Last but not least, your skill is also important, so you can win peripherals too like gaming mouses, keyboard, gaming chairs and a lot more.
To end, don't forget about limited edition and special merchandising from videogames. What a show! eStreams premios

How can I win prizes?

You can choose between a wide variety of games. Currently we have: eDraw, ePlay and Spin&Win, each one with their tricks, easier or more dedicated games you can choose. Keep reading, we explain how it works to you.

Play to eDraw

Is a game that consist in raffles where you will have more chances of winning investing your tickets. Join an eDraw and invest your tickets to win, easy and simple as that.

The eDraw is totally random, so even if you have high chances of winning because you invested all your tickets, it doesn't means that you are going to win, anyone can win the raffle!

When you join an eDraw, you can see the users with the highest chance of winning (users that invested more tickets) and also your chances whenever you want. Keep tracking, because every user has their own strategy. You can keep increasing your chance by investing more tickets whenever you want.

Play to ePlay

It's a game of predictions about the matches of the most important eSports events. Predict who will win each match, win points and compite in the rankings against other users for prizes. This game is for the most dedicated and requieres to have some eSports knowledge to be the best, to follow eSports and competitions always helps. That's because there are more prizes in this game.

When you hit a prediction, you gain 50 points in all the rankings that you are participating (weekly, monthly, season...), once the ranking has ended the users in winning positions will be rewarded. But beware, because if you fail a prediction you will loose 25 points. All the rankings have a fixed start and end date. All the players will start with 1500 points at the start of any ranking. Your position will vary depending always on your points, incase of a draw the win ratio will make count.

Play to Spin&Win

It's a game based in a rulette, but here you always win. Hit the Spin button and recieve an instant prize. It's the easiest game and it's perfect to farm tickets and eXP to make good strategies in eDraw for example.

This game has some tricks that you will learn in time. There are a few prizes with a progress bar below, this bar represents the moment that a prize is about to be available. Keep tracking, because when it reaches 100% all the people playing will be elegible for the prize, win that awesome prize!

The tickets

Tickets allow you to increase your chance in eDraw. You can win them totally free in our games.

There are tons of tickets waiting for you in ePlay and Spin&Win, and even in eDraw you have tickets raffles.

eXP Points and Levels

You can earn eXP Points by doing actions (log in, making a prediction, participate to an eDraw..). There is also the posibility to exchange 100 eXP points every hour from our eXP dispenser it is next to your avatar in the top right corner of the site. The eXP Points can be invested into Spins for Spin&Win and sometimes to join an eDraw.

Keep winning eXP and gain levels to recieve a reward for each one. eStreams exp

Items and PRO

In eStreams you can win prizes totally free, but if this for you isn't enough, if you want more and better prizes, we have a paid item that allows you to unlock exclusive features and gain access to more and better prizes of higher value.

Each game has its own items with their own features. The items you will finde are: Premium, ELITE, Secured and Stats. This items give you new features and prizes in eDraw, ePlay and Spin&Win.

But if you still want even more you can go PRO and subscribe to eStreams. With PRO you have all the items at once and even more exclusive features designed for the most demanding users.

If you want to know more in detail all the info about the items and PRO, please, go to our eShop and find out. eStreams all items

My inventory

All the prizes that you win will go directly to your inventory. To go to your inventory, click on your avatar at the top right corner and in the menu that will pop up, click on Inventory.

To make use of an object please click on it and follow the instructions. If you want to redeem a code you will be able to do it in your inventory.


Here we offer you the opportunity to enjoy your favourite events and streamers thanks to the group of platforms like twitch, hitbox y azubu that we have integrated.

Go to eStreams in the menu at the tp of the web to find a wide variety of streamings.

Possible gifts

Pack eDraw Ticket x10